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    Market Situation. December 2020.


    Situación de los Mercados. Diciembre 2020.

    Todos sabemos la dificultad de predecir el comportamiento de los mercados bursátiles, pero este 2020 será recordado por ser un año especialmente complejo. Una pandemia, el parón de la economía mundial, la recesión más profunda desde la década de los años 30, un colapso del mercado de valores mundial y ahora, nueve meses más tarde, máximos históricos para la bolsa americana y con ligeras caídas en Europa. El mantra que los gestores decimos “invertir a medio / largo plazo” cobra en estos tiempos más sentido.

  • Why are low management fees so important?

    As well as profitability, people who are worried about their future and want to take out a pension plan should take management fees into account.

    With management fees it is very important to read the small print and not to place too much faith in a simple percentage, something that is very common when it comes to financial products offered by large banks. Although on the face of it they are very low percentages, it should be remembered that each year they have a cumulative impact on total assets.

  • A new normality in the markets

    The second quarter of the year ends and we pass the equator of 2020 with a significant recovery in the stock markets. Few expected such behaviour after the end of the first quarter, where the falls in the markets were of 30%, reaching 40% at times.

  • Market Situation May 2020



    Our first words are for those who, in one way or another, have been hit by this pandemic. From Loreto Mutua we want to transfer our support and solidarity to those who are in a difficult situation. Likewise, we join those millions of applauses to thank all the effort that many groups  -the airline sector among others- have made in these troubled times and that have facilitated the work of many others.

  • Despite the distance, we remain connected and united.


    From your Mutual Society, and now more than ever, we must not forget those same values that we have in the airline sector: common effort, common benefit, professionalism, and of course, union. Courage and support to all.


    We continue working for you.

  • Loreto Mutua reaches agreement with Iberia Express to complement the retirement savings of all its employees

    The more than 700 employees of the Iberia subsidiary will be able to take out a remuneration plan that will allow them to channel their savings for retirement.

    With this agreement, mutuality, which was born 50 years ago, reaches 25,000 mutualists and is consolidated as a model of success that represents mutuality, based on the relationship of trust and the commitment to the well-being of workers. 

  • Carta de agradecimiento. Una realidad poco conocida: El Sistema Vasco de EPSV’S.

    Por Pedro Luis Uriarte.  Consejero de Economía y Hacienda 1980 – 1984


    1. ¿Qué balance podría hacer del sistema de las EPSV’s vascas?


  • 35º ANIVERSARIO. Ley de Entidades de Previsión Social Voluntaria. Homenaje a JON ALDECOA.

    Carta de Agradecimiento de D. Jon Azua, Exvicepresidente del Gobierno Vasco


    La amable invitación a participar en este merecido homenaje a Jon Aldecoa y con él, al reconocimiento del 35º Aniversario de la Ley de Entidades de Previsión Social Voluntaria, me ofrece la oportunidad de unirme al recuerdo agradecido a Jon y, con él, a quienes han hecho posible la puesta en valor de este, cada vez más necesario y actual, mundo de la Previsión Social.


  • Tribute and concession of the first awards 'JON ALDECOA' to the impulse of the pensions.

    Madrid,  6 November 2019. Loreto Mutua convened and organized last Thursday, October 10th in Madrid, the 1st edition of the tribute to Jon Aldecoa and the award ceremony to the entities or people that have stood out for their drive in the field of supplementary pensions. It is an event that mutuality has decided to take the step of organizing and that pretends to be a meeting place for relevant actors who have excelled for their good work in social welfare.


    Loreto Mutua, mutual society of the airlines industry, closed 2018 with a return of -0.09%, a result valued positively compared to the country’s average of the pension plans, which obtained a negative -4,08%.

  • New Board of Directors of Loreto Mutua

    Madrid, December 13, 2018. On December 13, 2018, the electoral process for the renewal of Loreto Mutua’ s Board of Directors was concluded, with the inauguration of its new members.

  • Elections for the renewal of the board of Directors of Loreto Mutua 2018

    Madrid, September 13, 2018. The Board of Directors of Loreto Mutua has called elections for the total renewal of its members, by agreement today, September 13, 2018.

    This process must end on December 17, 2018, the date on which the term of five years ends, of the current members of the Board of Directors.

  • Loreto Mutua achieved in 2017 a total assets of 1,403 millon, with a profitability of 5.84%

    • The average profitability of the mutual society, founded in 1970 as Montepío Loreto, reached 3.91% in the last decade.

    • The revaluation of the purchasing power of the savings of the company's partners, which now reaches 24,364 mutualists, stands at 58.5% in the last 15 years.

    • Extraordinary contributions exceeded 3 million euros last year, a record figure within the company.

  • Loreto Optima Individual Pension PLan, second mixed income product in the market, with an internanual performance of 2.29%

    Loreto Optima Individual Pension PLan, second mixed income product in the market, with an internanual performance of 2.29%

    • The individual plan of Loreto Mutua, the mutual society of the airline industry , already exceeds 32 million of assets under management.

    • In addition to its profitability, Loreto Optima stands out for its reduced expenses, with a management fee of 0.3% and a deposit fee of 0.1%, among the lowest in the market, whose average is 1.42%.

  • Loreto Mutua will manage the pension plans of Norwegian Pilots

    Loreto Mutua, the mutual fund of the aviation sector and pension plan manager, was the company chosen by Norwegian, at the request of its pilots, to manage their pensions.

  • Loreto Optima: Loreto Mutua´s Personal Plan receives award at the Expansion & Allfunds "2018 Funds" Ceremony.

    Loreto Mutua's individual Loreto Óptima plan, received the Expansión and AllFunds "2018 Investment Fund" award in the "Multi-Asset Conservative Profile Pension Fund" category. Loreto Óptima is a mixed fixed income plan intended for the general public. This award comes in addition to Loreto's recent awards, confirming an unstoppable upward trend, which underscores Loreto Mutua reputation as one of the best managers in the social welfare sector, ranking it among the leading mutual societies, managers and financial institutions.

  • Thank you to all our mutual benefit fund members & participants. A record year.

    Extraordinary Contributions Campaign 2017: €3,910,875.72

    Madrid, February 2018. At LORETO MUTUA as we close the books at 31 December 2017, the good news just keeps coming. Last year’s Extraordinary Contributions Campaign closed with a record €3,910,875.72. Once again you have trusted us, our management, safety, service and support. For these reasons, all of us at LORETO MUTUA want to THANK YOU.

  • Loreto Optima: Morningstar Inc. five-star plan.

    - LORETO MUTUA’s personal plan is ranked as one of the best in its category, in the highly-competitive pension plan environment.

    The 5-star maximum rating obtained in three of the four categories reflects the high returns that the product offers, its relatively low risk and its commitment to the future.

  • Loreto Mutua achieves a 4.43% yield, double the market average

    The mutual company achieves an all-time high in assets under management, with €1.377 billion

  • Are pension plans the best complement to state pensions?

    Madrid, 5 April 2017. More and more Spaniards are starting to save sooner with a view to maintaining their standard of living after retirement. Long-term savers seeking a financial product to help them top up their future state pension, so as not to see their purchasing power reduced in what should be one of the most carefree stages of their lives.

  • Loreto Óptima and Plan Asociado earn the highest long-term rating from Morningstar

    Madrid, 16 March 2017. Loreto Mutua, an independent non-profit organisation specialising in retirement savings products and ranked among the leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, has announced that its Loreto Óptima personal plan and its Plan Asociado have obtained the maximum rating for long-term products from Morningstar, a prestigious platform and digital service which specialises in financial information on funds, recognising their high return and controlled risk.

  • Loreto Mutua joins ASCRI

    ASCRI, the Spanish venture capital and private equity association, aims to promote the contribution of private equity to the economy and to the growth of SMEs in Spain.

  • Loreto Optima, again among the 5 most profitable plans of the last decade

    In this period, it has achieved an average profitability of more than 3.5%

    Madrid, 26 October 2016. Loreto Optima, Loreto Mutua's individual mixed fixed income plan, has positioned itself among the 5 most profitable plans of the last decade in its category, with an average annual return of 3.57%, more than double the weighted annual average for its category, which stands at 1.38%. Over the past 10 years, the capital invested in Loreto Optima has appreciated by 30.12% above inflation.

  • Loreto Mutua moves its headquarters

    Madrid, 29 June 2016. From 19 July the company's offices will be at Paseo de la Castellana 40, 28046 Madrid, next to the Eduardo Dato bridge.

    The decision on the change of site was ratified at the 2016 General Shareholders' Meeting. It stems from the growth of the company, which will now be located in the heart of one of the most important financial centres in the country.

  • What is volatility?

    When we speak of the volatility of a financial asset, we refer to major variations in its price.

    Volatility refers to the magnitude with which assets fluctuate. An asset that is not very volatile would therefore be one whose price fluctuates by only a little. Conversely, a highly volatile asset experiences very marked rises and falls.

  • Loreto Mutua records a return of 4.18% in 2015

    Over the last ten years, it has achieved an average return of 5.21%, representing a cumulative increase of 36.23% above the CPI.

    Madrid, 29 April 2016. Loreto Mutua, a non-profit organisation and one of the top ten institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of the volume of assets under management, obtained a return in 2015 of 4.18% – an average return of 5.21% and an accumulated increase of 36.23% above the CPI over the past ten years.

  • The profitability of Loreto Óptima and the Plan Asociado exceeded the market average in 2015

    Loreto Óptima (1.22%) and the Plan Asociado (1.42%) exceeded the average profitability of the Mixed Fixed Income market, which stood at 0.78% in 2015

  • Winners of the draw for “21 Boxes of Cepa 21”

    Madrid, 16 November 2015. Loreto Mutua announced the name of the winners of the prize draw for "21 Boxes of Cepa 21”, which was open to members taking part between 26 October and 15 November 2015.

    The winners are:

    Á. Moreno

    C. Porcel

    E. Martínez

    E. Cobo

    E. Madrilley

  • Loreto Mutua signs up to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment

    The company becomes the first Mutual Benefit Fund in Spain to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): investments that make financial, ethical and social sense.

  • Loreto Mutua records a return of 6.32 % in 2014

    The institution’s assets exceeded €1.355 billion, an increase of 8.66%.

    Madrid, 25 May 2015. Loreto Mutua, a non-profit organisation and one of the ten leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, recorded a return of 6.32 % in 2014, pending approval at the General Meeting to be held in Madrid on 25 June 2015.

  • Why are low management fees so important?

    As well as profitability, people who are worried about their future and want to take out a pension plan should take management fees into account.

  • Loreto Óptima is among the best pension plans of the last decade

    An average return of 5.08%, more than double the average 2.35% of its category.

  • Loreto Mutua records a return of 4.60%

    The company exceeded €1.246 million in assets and obtained €104 million in investment income.

  • New Loreto Óptima

    Loreto Mutua Personal Pension Plan

    Madrid, 10 May 2014. Loreto Mutua, a company ranked among the ten leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, has announced the launch of its new personal pension plan on the Spanish market: Loreto Óptima. A retirement savings product with an average return of more than 5% and management and custody fees of 0.6%.

  • Loreto Mutua is created

    Montepío Loreto has changed its brand and visual identity to Loreto Mutua, with the aim of adapting our company to the new reality of the pensions system.