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Winners of the draw for “21 Boxes of Cepa 21”

Madrid, 16 November 2015. Loreto Mutua announced the name of the winners of the prize draw for “21 Boxes of Cepa 21”, which was open to members taking part between 26 October and 15 November 2015.

The winners are:

  • Á. Moreno
  • C. Porcel
  • E. Martínez
  • E. Cobo
  • E. Madrilley
  • F. R. Jiménez
  • I. García
  • I. Soriano
  • J. Hidalgo
  • J. A. Villar
  • J. L. González
  • L. Parreño
  • M. Á. Galván
  • M. P. Pérez de Rojas
  • M. S. Boado
  • M. I. Ramal
  • M. L. Montejo
  • M. Á. Morales
  • P. Pomares
  • P. González
  • S. E. Santilli

The company has contacted the 21 winners to deliver their prizes – a box of three bottles of Cepa 21 wine from the Ribera del Duero region.

The draw celebrated the launch of the company’s new website. A space in which members can carry out their business and contact the company quickly and safely.