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The profitability of Loreto Óptima and the Plan Asociado exceeded the market average in 2015

Loreto Óptima (1.22%) and the Plan Asociado (1.42%) exceeded the average profitability of the Mixed Fixed Income market, which stood at 0.78% in 2015

Madrid, 28 January 2016. Loreto Mutua, a non-profit organisation that is among the ten leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, has announced the 2015 returns of its Loreto Óptima (1.22%) and Plan Asociado (1.42%) personal pension plans. Both plans exceed the market average for their category (mixed fixed income), which stood at 0.78% in 2015. In terms of 10-year profitability, Loreto Óptima (4.31%) and Plan Asociado (4.52%) are also well above the national average for this category, which stands at 1.54%.

Jon Aramburu, the CEO of Loreto Mutua, said “Despite the fall in the Spanish stock market, which lost more than 7%, and the high levels of volatility registered by markets throughout the year, our investment strategy has managed to keep both products on a positive growth path, one which they have stayed on since their launch date. For one more year they will exceed the average profitability for the national Mixed Fixed Income market.”

Regarding cumulative growth, Loreto Óptima’s returns have been above 5% since inception. Since its launch in 2003, the plan has increased in value by 45.81% more than inflation. For its part, the Plan Asociado has a historical return of 6.91%, a net growth with respect to inflation of 85.19%.