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Loreto Mutua, mutual society of the airlines industry, closed 2018 with a return of -0.09%, a result valued positively compared to the country’s average of the pension plans, which obtained a negative -4,08%.

In addition, the year has been completed with good prospects such as the record of extraordinary contributions, the entry into the Mutuality of companies such as SAS Ireland and Easyjet or the record of participants in Loreto Optima Individual Plan.

Madrid, 1 de julio de 2019. Loreto Mutua, MPS, mutuality of the airlines industry and pension plan manager, closed the year 2018 with a return of -0.09%, according to the accounts approved in the General Assembly last Thursday June 27, a negative figure just a few hundredths. The mutual company also reported that the fiscal year ended with more than 24,500 mutualists and a net worth of 1,328 million.

However, the result does not cease to be valued in a positive tone, as it is one of the best in the set of retirement savings systems since, for example, pension plans fell on average -4.08%, the systems of employment fell by -3.20% and the Ibex 35 fell -14%.

In addition, Loreto Mutua continues to maintain a 15-year average return of 5.34% while the average employment system is 3.22% and that of pension plans is 2.54%, which reaffirms the great Loreto’s track record. Likewise the record of extraordinary contributions, both in quantity and in number, 1,446 contributions with an amount exceeding 3,400,000 euros. All this translates into a greater trust of the mutualists in the prudent and good management of the house.

The good moment of Loreto Óptima, individual plan for all, which is awarded and recognized among others with the 5 * Morningstar stars, was also reinforced with the record of participants, surpassing the thousand for the first time and with heritage record, more than 32 million euros, which strengthens the satisfaction of the participants towards Loreto Mutua.

More pension management: SAS Ireland and Easyjet, new members.

The SAS airline, from its European division located in Ireland, has decided to entrust Loreto Mutua with the retirement savings management of its group of pilots working in Spain.

To this success, it is added that the workers of the flight collective – crew and pilots – of Easyjet company, have decided in the same way, through an agreement with the company, that Loreto Mutua is your chosen option for managing their pensions in Spain.

Thus, both SAS Ireland and Easyjet join companies in the airlines sector that increasingly rely on the management of their pensions in Loreto Mutua, betting on the future welfare of their workers.

Future. Loreto Inversiones.

In addition, Loreto Mutua has taken another step, after launching almost a year ago its own investment fund manager, Loreto Inversiones. In this way, the range of financial products (pensions and funds) is expanded, in response to the demand of the clients themselves who wanted to complete the entire investment cycle with more options from Loreto.

Loreto Inversiones, established in Madrid and located in Paseo de la Castellana, 40, offers three funds, Loreto Premium Mixed Fixed Income, Loreto Premium Mixed Variable Income and Loreto Premium Global, has a total assets under management of more than 700 million euros and pursues the common objective of seeking the asset with the best return-risk ratio at each moment of the market.

Loreto Mutua, M.P.S.

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