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Quienes somos

About us

We are an independent entity that specialises in saving for retirement    


We are a company that specialises in social welfare, with over 40 years experience in the market for retirement savings products that complement the public pension system.

Mutual Benefit Fund
Individual Plan
Employment Plans

Currently, we are among the leading ten financial institutions and groups dedicated to social welfare in Spain, by volume of assets managed for this purpose, with more than €1.328 billion. With over 24,500 members, in the last decade, we have managed the benefits of more than 10,000 people – the equivalent of €1.3 billion.    

The company was created as a Mutual benefit fund in 1970, under the name of Montepío Loreto, to manage social provisions complementary the state Social Security system for aviation industry employees. Since 1998, we have also been a fund and pension Plan Manager. In 2014, we changed our brand to Loreto Mutua, and in 2015 our company legally adopted that name.    

What makes us different?

We are an independent non-profit organisation

 specialising in saving for retirement.    

We are efficient and prudent managers

 whose aim is to protect our members' and participants’ assets.    

We offer good returns with a low level of risk

and well-contained management fees.


Declaration of Principles


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