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Online Benefit Application

What is it?

Now you can submit your application to collect your benefit online through your Private Area on our website, in a convenient, easy and secure way. After so many years of work and effort, we at LORETO want to make this last step easy for you to enjoy and dispose of your savings.

We remind you that the online benefit application is the procedure that the member can carry out online when he/she decides to collect his/her beneficiary rights due to any of the following contingencies:

– INSS Retirement

– Advance retirement ERE (layoff)

– Early retirement > 60 years old

– INSS Incapacity

– Exceptional settlement due to unemployment


In the Private Area of the website, in the procedures section, you will find the online form.

The process is quite fast and at the same time informative, as on the right side of the screen you will find the online wizard that will clarify any doubts about the steps that are taking place. You only have to confirm the data and check the corresponding boxes.

As a security measure, when you get to the signature you will be asked for a code that you will receive on your mobile phone for the signature to be validated. At the end you will receive an email confirming the application and all the conditions you have chosen.

If you have started the process, but have not signed it, after 48 hours you will receive a notification in your mailbox reminding you that the signature is missing and if you have not signed it after another 48 hours, you will be informed that the application is cancelled.


It is true that there are times when paperwork and certain processes can be cumbersome and arise some doubts about how to proceed. Now, thanks to the internet and digitalisation, you can count on LORETO MUTUA as an ally to facilitate this type of procedure.

Wherever and however you prefer, we provide a much more practical service. Save time and gain immediacy, without leaving aside the security and protection of your data provided by our constant commitment to digitization.

In addition, you have the online wizard to always guide you through all processes, as well as our support team, always available 900 844 855 / 91 7589650 –