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New Loreto Óptima

Loreto Mutua Personal Pension Plan

Madrid, 10 May 2014. Loreto Mutua, a company ranked among the ten leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, has announced the launch of its new personal pension plan on the Spanish market: Loreto Óptima. A retirement savings product with an average return of more than 5% and management and custody fees of 0.6%.

Loreto Óptima is linked to the Fondloreto pension fund, which has one of the best return/risk ratios in the market, even higher than the markets in which it makes its investments, such as the Ibex 35 or Spanish and German bonds. Its average annual return is 5.37%, with a cumulative return of more than 60% over the last decade.

Jon Aramburu, Loreto Mutua’s CEO, said “Loreto Óptima is the ideal complement for all those looking to maintain their standard of living after retirement. The perfect combination of the client’s ability to save and our experience in asset management. With small monthly contributions, our participants see their equity grow in addition to saving for the future.”