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Mutual Benefit Fund for the airline industry

More than 24,500 members    

Mutual Benefit Fund for the airline industry

A long-term savings product complementary to the state Social Security pension, aimed at employees in the Spanish aviation sector. The Mutual Benefit Fund is currently made up of more than 24,500 employees from leading companies such as Iberia, Lufthansa, SAS, Groundforce, EasyJet, Air France and KLM. We have been managing financial savings products for retirement for more than 40 years. In this time we have processed more than €1.3 billion in benefits (mainly for retirement, disability and death).

We address the needs of people who are active in this sector and who aim to maintain their standard of living after retirement. We also work closely with airline companies concerned about and interested in actively participating in the future assets of their employees.

Our Mutual Benefit Fund offers both parties the chance to participate in one of the largest portfolios of assets managed for social welfare (employment system) in Spain, with capital exceeding €1.3 billion. 


Loreto Mutua

Why plan your future with us?

Management costs

Our management expenses are up to four times lower than those you would take on when contracting an individual pension plan from a bank.    


Since 2001, there has been a return on investment of more than 50% over the RPI on our members' savings.    


We ensure that our management is efficient and prudent in order to better protect your long-term assets.






By not being linked to any financial group, our investments are free from speculation and other interests.    


We know the needs of airline industry staff. Our 48 years of experience have been dedicated exclusively to the management of savings for retirement.    

Tax advantages

You will be able deduct your contributions from the taxable base on your personal income tax return, as well as those made by your company, if this is part of its collective agreement.    


DATA AS OF 31 DEC. 2019

Key figures 2019

Profitability 5,33% 

Investment result over €59

Payments to pensioners, more than €75 million    

Unguaranteed profitability. Past performance does not ensure future profitability

Mutual Benefit Fund Assets

This graph shows the cumulative profitability of our members' savings compared to the cumulative increase in the CPI over the last 15 years.

How does the value of our members' capital increase?

With the Mutual Benefit Fund, in addition to saving in order to top up your retirement, you will see how the value of your capital obtains returns well above the value of the cost of living.    


Equity configuration

How do management expenses impact on your ability to save?

Here, we compare the impact of the management expenses of our Mutual Benefit Fund (0.3%) with those of a plan that will apply the maximum allowed (1.30%). As this graph shows, to save a capital amount of €100,000 over 35 years at an average annual return of 5%, the savings effort of a Loreto Mutua Mutual Benefit Fund member would amount to only €60,933, 30% less than the capital needed to invest through an individual plan with the maximum management expense.