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Loreto Optima: Loreto Mutua´s Personal Plan receives award at the Expansion & Allfunds “2018 Funds” Ceremony.

Loreto Mutua’s individual Loreto Óptima plan, received the Expansión and AllFunds “2018 Investment Fund” award in the “Multi-Asset Conservative Profile Pension Fund” category. Loreto Óptima is a mixed fixed income plan intended for the general public. This award comes in addition to Loreto’s recent awards, confirming an unstoppable upward trend, which underscores Loreto Mutua reputation as one of the best managers in the social welfare sector, ranking it among the leading mutual societies, managers and financial institutions.

This is a great achievement as these awards are among the most important in the financial world, granted by Expansión, one of the most prestigious and long-established business newspapers, and the AllFunds platform, a European leader in fund distribution. Loreto Mutua, an aviation sector mutual fund and pension plan manager, received this award on 5 April at the event held at the Madrid Stock Exchange. It comes on top of other prominent awards received recently, such as the Morningstar five stars and the sixth place in Inverco’s 2017 national pension plan ranking. All of this shows that Loreto Mutua is achieving success and harvesting the fruits of a great work of analysis, selection and management by the leaders of the management team led by Jon Aramburu, together with José Luis García Muelas and Esther Carrillo.

Retirement security
A plan, which together with the aviation sector Mutual Benefit Fund and the Loreto Empresas employment plan, forms an independent institution with almost 50 years of experience in managing retirement savings, with more than €1.4 billion under management and 25,000 mutual benefit fund members and participants. The award-winning Loreto Óptima plan launched in 2003 posted a return of 3.68% in 2017 – 3.54% for the past five years and 4.9% since inception. This reflects the investment team’s commitment to a conservative management style, balanced with the best possible returns, with more than €30 million in assets and over 900 participants. The Loreto philosophy is based on conserving wealth and ensuring significant returns, investing 35% in fixed income and 22% in equities, together with a precise analysis and timing strategy, making Óptima a great pension plan for anyone.

Thanks and appreciation.
In the words of the CEO, Jon Aramburu, “it gives me great pride to receive this award, which we hope will be the first of many, together with the recognition that we receive every day from the people who entrust their retirement savings to us, particularly in the current fiercely competitive environment in the long-term savings management sector. This recognition emboldens us on the path we set out on almost 50 years ago and encourages all of us at Loreto Mutua to continue with the same enthusiasm as always.”

But above all, it is a reward for the trust and dedication of all those who make up and have shaped Loreto. Firstly, for the trust of participants in the Óptima plan and that of the whole aviation sector in our company. Secondly, for the many years of dedication shown by Loreto Mutua’s great team of professionals who are there to help you. TO EVERYONE, thank you!