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Loreto Mutua reaches agreement with Iberia Express to complement the retirement savings of all its employees

More than 700 employees of the Iberia subsidiary will be able to take out a remuneration plan that will allow them to channel their savings for retirement.

With this agreement, mutuality, which was born 50 years ago, reaches 25,000 mutualists and is consolidated as a model of success that represents mutuality, based on the relationship of trust and the commitment to the well-being of workers.

Madrid, 20 January 2020. Loreto Mutua, the mutuality of the aviation sector, dedicated to the management of savings for retirement, will manage the pension of Iberia Express employees who wish, among the nearly 700 that the company has, including pilots, cabin crew, staff and company executives.

After this agreement with Loreto, all Iberia Express employees will have the possibility to channel their savings for retirement, as part of the flexible remuneration plan, available with the company. In this way, mutuality continues to increase the number of mutualists, which are already about 25,000.

Therefore, Iberia Express becomes one of the big companies that bets in favour of the future well-being of its employees. At hits point, must be remembered that Loreto Mutua was born just 50 years ago, on a mutual basis, to manage the pension plans of Iberia workers.

Jon Aramburu, CEO of Loreto Mutua, explains that “in this particular case, it is very special for us due to the historical relationship of mutuality with this company of the Iberia Group, since we were born half a century ago to manage the pensions of Iberia workers. Without a doubt, we want to accompany all the entities that bet on the welfare of their workers and contribute our experience in the management of investment products”.

Above-average profitability in the industry

Loreto Mutua accumulates an average return of 5.31% in the last 15 years compared to 3.22% of average employment plans in Spain and its product Loreto Óptima achieves an average of 4.22% in the category of mixed fixed income products.