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Loreto Optima Personal Plan

Maximum profitability, and a management fee reduced to 0.3%
Custody fee 0.09%

Savings product, ideal complement for all those who want to maintain their standard of living after retirement. A perfect combination between the client’s ability to save and our experience in assets management. With small monthly contributions, in addition to saving for the future, you will also get your wealth to grow as. Since 2017, the Associated Plan of Loreto Mutua has been integrated to all effects in Loreto Optima to improve its management.

The investment strategy of the Fund is framed within the category of Individual Pension Funds of mixed fixed income. For simplicity, the Fund’s investments are divided into 3 asset classes: Treasury, fixed income (RF) and variable income (RV). The percentages in RF and RV, which may vary allowing an adequate management of the portfolio, will have a maximum range between 0% and 100% for RF and 0% to 30% for RV.

The net asset

Risk Indicator

Potentially lower performance
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  Product Fact Sheet

  Operating rules of Fondloreto Pensiones

  Principles of the investment policy

  Internal Code of Conduct

You can consult the applicable Internal Code of Conduct at since the asset management of the Pension Fund is delegated to Loreto Inversiones SGIIC, SAU (NIF: A88022199), an entity of the Loreto Mutua group

Loreto Mutua

Why choose Loreto Optima?

+30 Millions

Total assets

+900 people



We manage a diversified portfolio that for years has offered positive results by increasing and protecting the savings of those who trust us.


More than 50 years managing financial savings products for retirement. A period in which we have paid out more than €1.3 billion in pensions.


By not being linked to any financial group, investments are removed from speculation and other interests. Therefore, we only look for the balance between profitability and welfare.

Profititability historical average: 3,93%

Management fees: 0,39%

Loreto Optima has a management fee of 0.3% and a deposit of 0.09%, values well below the Spanish legal maximum allowed (1,30%).

Results 2022

Other Profits

10 years average 1,36%

15 years average 1,73%

Loreto Óptima
Loreto Empresas
Short Term Fixed Income
Long Term Fixed Income
Fixed Mixed Income
Equities Mixed
Employment System
Associated System

Data as of Dec 31, 2022 and past returns do not guarantee future returns.

Accumulated Revaluation compared with CPI​ at 15 years

Data as of Dec 31, 2022 and past returns do not guarantee future returns.


Product portfolio

Data as of Dec 31, 2022 and past returns do not guarantee future returns.

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Reduction in the Income Tax Base (IRPF) and Limits

Each year, you can reduce the contributions made to Loreto Optima from your personal income tax base, by the lesser of these amounts: up to 2,000 euros or 30% of the sum of the net income from work and economic activities.

In addition, if your spouse does not have income from work or economic activities, or these are less than 8,000 euros per year and he is a participant in the pension plan, you can reduce the contributions you make in his favour from the general tax base, with the maximum limit of 1,000 euros per year.

The joint and individual contribution limit for pension plans, mutual societies, insured pension plans, corporate social security plans is 2,000 euros. In employment systems (occupational pension plans, mutual benefit societies or business social security plans, this limit can be increased up to 8,000 euros more for business contributions).

Long-term care insurance has an additional limit of 5,000 euros per year.

How do I join the Individual Loreto Optima Pension Plan?

Membership of the Individual Pension Plan can be requested by filling in the corresponding Membership Application, which you can download below in the forms section.

If you wish to transfer the consolidated rights of another plan which you already have, we will take care of all the formalities.

I would like to know more

If you are interested and want to know more about this plan, do not hesitate to contact us at 900 844 855 or by email to

Do you have any questions about our pension plans? In our Frequently Asked Questions section we solve the most common




Quarterly Information

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To guarantee your protection, from 5 February 2016, companies must offer a series of risk and complexity indicators for each of their products. At Loreto Mutua, we are at your disposal for any additional information you need.