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About us

We are an independent entity specialized in saving for retirement

Entity specialized in social security, with more than 50 years of experience in the market of retirement savings products, which complement the public pension system.


We are currently among the top institutions and financial groups, dedicated to social welfare in Spain, by volume of assets managed for this purpose of 1,200 million euros. In addition, we have more than 27,000 members and, in the last decade, we have managed the benefits of more than 10,000 people or the equivalent of 1,6 billion euros.

The company was created under the mutual insurance scheme in 1970, under the name of Montepío Loreto, to manage the social security complementary to the public Social Security scheme for workers in the airline sector. Since 1998 we have also been a managing entity of pension funds and plans. In 2014 we changed our brand to Loreto Mutua, and in 2015 our company adopted that name legally.

What makes us different?

We are a non-profit entity

independent and specialized in retirement

We carry out an efficient and prudent management

whose objective is the protection of the patrimony of our partners and participants

We offer a good return with low risk

and reduced management costs

UN-PRI Loreto Mutua

Declaration of Principles of Socially Responsible Investment