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Información sobre la Atención en Loreto. Actualidad.

Ser Socio

Become a member

Coverage on retirement, death and disability    


Your retirement pension increases

With the reform of state pensions, it is increasingly necessary to top up your retirement pension with the aim of maintaining your future standard of living.    

The value of your savings increases

In the last ten years, the Mutual Benefit Fund has obtained an average profitability of more than 3,90%.    

You benefit from the tax advantages

Contributions to mutual funds and pension funds reduce your annual income tax obligations    

Requirements to become a member

Be a Mutualist: First steps

Click here , where we will explain you, in a simple way, the first steps and what to do if you belong to the airlines industry and you want to enter the mutuality.


Work in the airline industry

Have any type of employment contract with companies that are directly or indirectly related to the commercial exploitation of air traffic and complementary activities.    


Join by completing and signing the corresponding application form and  start the deposit of the contributions

*  Our policy is the Regulation of Contributions and Benefits


The scope of coverage of Loreto Mutua extends to the following contingencies and benefits:

Our benefits


Ordinary retirement    

Early retirement    

Early disposition of retirement benefit (ERE)    

Early payment of retirement benefit for those over 60 years old    

Exceptional liquidation rights in the event of long-term unemployment    


The beneficiaries receive their benefit from the moment of the mutual benefit fund member’s death.    


Total permanent disability for your usual occupation. 

Absolute permanent disability for any job.

Grave Serious disability.

The Member receives their benefit from the moment in which any of these contingencies occurs, after the recognition of any of these situations by the Social Security.  


(send the original application form by mail)    

Application for admission (personal registrations)