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Loreto Mutua records a return of 4.60%

The company exceeded €1.246 million in assets and obtained €104 million in investment income.

Madrid, 29 July 2014. Loreto Mutua, a non-profit organisation and one of the ten leading institutions dedicated to social welfare in Spain in terms of assets under management, has approved its 2013 Annual Accounts, which show that its mutual investment fund recorded a 4.6% return. Since 2001, it has obtained an average yield of 5.76% – a cumulative return of 75.64% and an increase of 41.44% over the CPI.

It closed the year with more than €1.246 billion in assets, €104 million in investment income and over 25,500 members, while also managing the pensions of more than 9,000 pensioners. For its part, Loreto Óptima, the company’s personal pension plan, generated a 5.08% return in 2013, representing an annual average of 5.37% and a cumulative average of 60.84% over the last decade.

Jon Aramburu, the Loreto Mutua CEO, said “2013 was a very good year for the company, confirming the recovery and consolidating the progression we have been experiencing during the last decade, with returns of twice the industry average, fully matching other types of financial products such as bonds, investments in fixed income, etc. With small monthly contributions, our members, as well as saving for the future, are seeing their wealth grow too.”

Key figures for 2013

4,60% annual yield

5,76% average return since 2001

1.246 billion in assets

104 million in investment income

94 million in payments to pensioners

25.690 members

25.690 members

More than 9.000 pensioners