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New limits for 2021 pension plans

What has happened? Law 11/2020, of December 30, on General State Budgets (PGE) has modified the maximum limits of contributions to complementary social security systems and their reduction in the tax base of the Personal Income Tax (hereinafter, IRPF). How are the new limits of contributions and the applicable tax reduction? As of financial year… Read More »New limits for 2021 pension plans

Living life with five senses

Market Situation. December 2020. We all know the difficulty of predicting the behaviour of stock markets, but 2020 will be remembered for being a particularly complex year. A pandemic, the global economic downturn, the deepest recession since the 1930s, a collapse of the world stock markets and now, nine months later, all-time highs for the… Read More »Living life with five senses

Why are low management fees so important?

As well as profitability, people who are worried about their future and want to take out a pension plan should take management fees into account. With management fees it is very important to read the small print and not to place too much faith in a simple percentage, something that is very common when it… Read More »Why are low management fees so important?

A new normality in the markets

The second quarter of the year ends and we pass the equator of 2020 with a significant recovery in the stock markets. Few expected such behaviour after the end of the first quarter, where the falls in the markets were of 30%, reaching 40% at times. In this quarter, for example, our Loreto Óptima Individual… Read More »A new normality in the markets

Market Situation May 2020

PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE. MARKET SITUATION. MAY 2020 MAYO 2020 Our first words are for those who, in one way or another, have been hit by this pandemic. From Loreto Mutua we want to transfer our support and solidarity to those who are in a difficult situation. Likewise, we join those millions of applauses to thank… Read More »Market Situation May 2020

Despite the distance, we remain connected and united.

From your Mutual Society, and now more than ever, we must not forget those same values that we have in the airline sector: common effort, common benefit, professionalism, and of course, union. Courage and support to all. We continue working for you.